I believe that how people treat me tells me how they feel about me. I subscribe to the adage “Actions speak louder than words”, but it’s not the big, outspoken actions that I pay the most attention to. It is the everyday, little things that I observe. I have learnt that I am worth being treated well and that I don’t have place in my life for those that are not genuine. We all deserve honesty and should not be so desperate for a connection that we accept platitudes and half commitments.

You can say that you love me
You can say that you miss me
You can tell me all of these things
But until you treat me like a queen
Until you treat me like a king
Until your actions speak louder than your voice
I’m not hearing anything you say

Debbie Gravett © 2018.01.04

Daily Prompt: Treat
Image by Pixabay/StockSnap

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