Restart On Any Day

Many of us prepare ourselves for a new year with lists of changes we wish to make and goals we wish to achieve. We think of it as a new beginning filled with possibilities. But as soon as we stumble in our resolutions or take a misstep we write it all off. In actual fact we can decide to start again, to try again from any day in the year. I’ve read that a year is filled with 365 opportunities. Choose to get back up next year after every stumble and try again. Don’t quit. You are powerful enough and worth enough to succeed in whatever you want.
You can do this!

With hours to go
Last minute things to be done
For a clean slate and new start
Celebrations to prepare for some
Almost time for the New Year
When we can all begin again
But in truth you can restart
On any day that you choose

Debbie Gravett © 2017.12.31

Daily Prompt: Almost
Image by Pixabay/Geralt


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