White Christmas

I normally love our climate here in South Africa, but for the last few years I have noticed that things are warming up. Today we have the mercury tipping at 30 degrees centigrade. And it’s not our hottest day of summer. I do believe the weather has gone out of wack – snow in late November (not unheard of but unexpected by me). Global warming? My homeopath assures me that I haven’t yet reached menopause (hopefully at least 8 years away), but I’m melting here guys, without the help of a sauna or steam room. One of my bucket list items is a white Christmas and today I am dreaming of snow and fireplaces, because there is nothing cozy about this heat.

Snuggly warm and comfortable
By the fireplace with book in hand
Heated drink toasting my insides
Cozy dream of a white Christmas

Burning hot reality of an African sun
Where the meat is sizzling on an open fire
Golden bodies immersed in the pool
Icy liquid refreshment with its own joy

Debbie Gravett © 2017.12.29

Daily Prompt: Cozy
Image by Pixabay/jill111

3 thoughts on “White Christmas

    1. I think so. The clouds of poison our factories spew into the air daily along with our cars and other negligent behaviour towards Mother Earth must have some effect. Here’s hoping that we learn from this and correct our mistakes.

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