Power On

Hahaha. You are never too old to learn things. Today I learned that “on tenderhooks” is actually tenterhooks. It’s like singing the words to a song wrong for many, many years. A little wiser today 😀

Waiting for word
When will the verdict be in?
Did they like it? Are you any good?
Should you have done this at all?
Self-doubt, with the stealth of night
Slowly creeps in, destruction in mind
Dreams, futures and amazing potential
Victims of these powerful questions
On tenterhooks your fragile feelings
Hang in the balance of other people’s hands
Pull back!
Change the questions!
Was it fun? Did you enjoy it? Did it make you smile?
If your heart flutters or you feel a little dizzy
Take back your power, keep it for yourself
Opinions don’t matter as they vary like the weather
And carry on, no matter what they say

Debbie Gravett © 2017.12.03

Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks
Image by Pixabay/Ana_J

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