Paint My Life

I’m back!

I have not been keeping up with my writing as I would like to – that would be a poem a day amongst other writing. I chalked it down to the brick wall we all encounter every now and again, which I’ve read is overcome by writing through it. That wasn’t happening.

When I went to my homeopath – who does DNA testing on a hair sample to pick up all my ailments she asked if I was suffering from writer’s block. I laughed at her, because otherwise I’d cry. She said that it showed in the pineal gland. I always knew it was in my head. What I didn’t know was it had signs in a particular gland and she could give me something to help. It worked! I managed to finish a 1,800 word short story due for the same day, which had looked near impossible before taking her pilules. I’ve also submitted a poem to a competition and here is my latest work.

Who knew writer’s block can be a condition in the body?

In my life I have many different people
Friends, family and acquaintances
Like the variations of zoo inhabitants
Wild ones and docile, fierce and friendly
My beings all add a unique colour
To the pallet of my painting-in-progress
Some will stay a while, others longer
Each with a purpose, conscious or not
So too, pets have added their dab of hue
As I examine the incomplete masterpiece
With the wisdom of advancing age
I choose my brushes more carefully
Release from my tribe, those that do not fit
For I am the artist, the creator of my life
I have the right to include only that
Which resonates with me
So that together we may paint and sing
Making beautiful, happy harmonious music
And the one-of-a-kind life of me.

Debbie Gravett © 2017.12.01

Daily Prompt: Zoo
Image by Pixabay/Alexas_fotos

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