Clutched to Our Hearts

In an attempt to feel like a writer and be seen as one I endeavour to write every day, but life happens. Beloved pets are diagnosed with fatal diseases and you wage a tug-o-war with the decision to remove their possible suffering and the alternate question of “who made me God?” Until you see the request for help in their eyes and you answer their plea for peace. With this and so many other things happening, the end of the year looming and events to attend, the motivation, inspiration and time to put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard falls by the way side.

Getting back to a routine and connecting to the words seems much harder than it was for them to stop flowing through you. The voices are quiet and your messengers aren’t found hiding in any dark corners of your mind. You begin to question your calling as a deliverer of these secrets. Ideas and words flash across your consciousness like lightening and just as quickly disappear and the attempt to retrieve them rumbles on like thunder.

Spewing words into a journal without thought has pulled me back to the keys that hold the rhythmic tapping of a story, verse and magic that I am meant for. The guilt of wasted time subsides when I realize that watching TV and reading are learning tools of storytelling, describing and weaving. Though I did not write, I still absorbed information, because since turning my hand to writing I no longer read or watch the box in the same way. I marvel at the way in which these masters say a simple thing and get excited to try my hand at it again.

This is dedicated to our Snory Rory Stinky Flat-Cat Peanut Butter boy.

You scratched and clawed your way into our hearts
Nobodies pet, nobodies responsibility
An injured vagrant roaming the earth
You chose us to help you, not because you had to
But because you had something to offer us
Lessons of love, caring and time
Though you were with us only a short while in human years
Your paw prints remain a member of our family
I miss your furry attention seeking between the keyboard and I
Your head or sometimes snaking tail tickling my hands
As I poured forth my feelings through my key tapping fingers
You filled our home, making sure we paid you heed
Teaching us to notice one another always
Thank you for coming into our lives and loving us
And with your soft voice mewling
Leaving us the lessons to love each other
Until our souls shall meet again
We clutch your memories to our hearts.

Debbie Gravett © 2017.11.25

Daily Prompt: Clutch
Image by Debbie Gravett

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