Show your Feel

Everything is fine and all is well
If I deny the truth, perhaps
The sadness, despair and loneliness
Will cease to rule the cavity of my chest
I’m good at listening and helping others
Beneath my outer three inch armour
And sucked up ribbons of tears
I wish to tell my story
Have a consoling ear
A gentle touch of compassion
But I could not impose my burden
On anyone else
For I am the listener and the consoler
I am that which I look for in others

To find that which I longed for
The truth was the only path
Once released from its prison
Slipped out in a moment of overwhelm
Felt and related to those who care
(Not just anyone would do)
Released the delusion of strength
Acknowledged the power of emotions
Not self-preserving fake displays
The wrenching and struggling suffocators
Calmed, eased and dissolved
Replaced by love and affection
Taken in arms of caring embrace

Debbie Gravett © 2017.10.05

Daily Prompt: Deny
Image by Pixabay/Free-Photos

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