The Struggle

I’ve been told to hand it over
Give my problem to the Universe
Let it go in meditative conversation
Not think of it nor worry again
Then have faith in the solution
Believe that all will be alright
My mind seems to take offence
Or is it the ego that fights so hard?
War wages in my head as they disobey
It is them against my most true me
“You have to take action!”
“No! It is taken care of.”
“That thinking is fantasy.”
“Stop! I have already asked for help.”
“You’d better ask, plead and beg again.”
The struggle for control continues
My struggle for unwavering faith, tested
So grateful when belief wins out
To the Universe I sing my gratitude
Slowly I am learning, teaching mind and ego
The results will always be for my highest good

Debbie Gravett © 2017.09.13

Daily Prompt: Disobey

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