On a downhill going fast
I’m the driver of this train
The passenger and the conductor
I don’t know where to find the breaks
Don’t know how to apply them
Instead I’m feeding coal
To make the hunk of steel go faster
Too scared to go to sleep
Too exhausted to stay awake
Too tired to care what I’m doing
Too terrified to give up
I’m the train bound for nowhere
No future, no hope and no possibilities
Gone and mangled my own life
Can’t blame anyone else
Got my license in self-sabotage
Destroying myself at speed
Too sore to move, too sad to feel
Killing the aching with a pill
I don’t know where the steam is coming from
I don’t know how to shut it off
I want to try, but I don’t know where to start
Tried to change the signal every now and then
But always seem to come right back
To the track that leads to a dead end
Hiding pain behind my eyes and deep under my skin
I’m the train bound for nowhere
And I can’t seem to change direction
I’m gathering speed until the end

Debbie Gravett © 2017.09.12

Daily Prompt: Overcome

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