I Feel You

For all the friends out there who don’t want to be a burden and don’t ask when they need help. Even if we can only listen, let us. For those who get the urge to call a friend for no rhyme or reason, do it. Our intuition often tells us of their plight when they are silent.

Pain and agony burn my intuition
Tossed in an emotional storm at sea
Battered and exhausted to quit
Silent call for help caught in the wind
I feel your distant inner turmoil
Our connection triggered in me
Utterly helpless with only my words
You continue to fight the struggle
Daily chaos and difficulty of life
My heart screams in sympathy
Deserving of so much better
Selfless soul needing to find her worth
I shout to the Universe my plea
Let luck and laughter find your path
In love and light I wish on the best
For my beautiful friend in need

Debbie Gravett © 2017.09.03

Daily Prompt: Continue

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