Everyone Needs Friends

Out of the wounds of heartbreak and abandonment
Pain oozes septic thoughts of negativity
Infecting the mind to the height of madness
Fear of abiding disrepair the evil grinning victor
Hope a distant imperceptible possibility
But for the voices of guides, angels and friends
I’d still believe that I was broken forever

Debbie Gravett © 2017.08.23

Daily Prompt: Ooze

11 thoughts on “Everyone Needs Friends

  1. I love your last two lines.

    But for the voices of guides, angels and friends
    I’d still believe I was broken forever.

    There’s a beautiful flow to them, and a great sense of thankfulness, praise, happiness, love for your friends all mixed together into a wonderful concoction. I know that feeling well, but I think I’ve found my new favourite way of expressing it 🙂.
    Thanks for sharing your writing with the world 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that you have no friends. But as I am growing I am learning to lose friends who are not genuine rather than have many. My circle is small, but real and you too can find a like minded person. They will appear when you are not looking. I am also learning the importance of loving yourself and being kind to yourself if you want anyone else to be. Sending love and light to you.


      1. Thank you. The funny thing is I always trust everyone and get hurt by them. So I just stay to myself. I had guy friends, until they all want something more and then ditch me when I wont date them. All I want is one genuine girl friend. One I can trust with my secrets, my men, and my stuff. Cuz so far woman around me are evil and crazy. And it’s one big competition to them.

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