Inner Child

So deeply affected from so small
The young child from inside
The foundation of who I am
She was only an innocent little baby
With no comprehension of the world
But that is not so
She was a returning soul who knew so much
She brought with her knowledge and experience
Here to learn new lessons
Carry on with those not yet fully cemented
The one now struggling to overcome my childhood
To grasp the teachings and release the trauma
Wading through the bog of the past
Searching for truth and understanding
Looking to make my heart light
To find my worth, not by someone else’s terms
Comprehend my anxieties and put them at ease
Trying to move forward, to make something of life
Though memories are hidden
By the protective armour of my mind
Blacking out that which is destructive
Stories and snippets puzzle together to tell a tale
And the most powerful remember
Is that of feeling and how they made me feel

Debbie Gravett © 2017.06.23


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