How to Flow

I looked inside
Had to venture through the door
Travelled many winding paths
With some debris to clear
Bumps of the past needed smoothing
And when I thought I had the level
More uneven terrain I found under foot
When I worked the hardest
Desperate to continue forward
Was when the going got toughest
I was sure I’d already gone over this
Overcome it, triumphed and moved on
But here it was again and again
Only harder, deeper and more detailed
I hadn’t found the key for the reward
Learned the lesson to level up
I almost gave up, surrendered the game
In the quiet moments of my apparent defeat
I looked around and found an army
Ready and waiting for me to ask for help
To guide and support me, show me the way
Obstacles and challenges there are more
For without them there would be no purpose
For me to remain on this earth
Once asked, the journey was easier
Because I understood, listened
And intuitively felt the right road to chose
This revelation is how I found the flow

Debbie Gravett © 2017.06.11

via Daily Prompt: Revelation

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