Good Manners

We know not to put our elbows on the table while we eat
To close our mouths while we masticate our food
As children we learned these simple social graces
The proper behaviour for our acceptable society
I need to know why we did not learn of cellphone etiquette
To be woken at five-fifteen in the morning –

No, I am not the early bird that catches the worm
Yuck, why would I want to eat such slimy, chewy things?
No, I’ve not tried them, but seen others try such delicacies
But I do digress from my original point I was trying to make –

I don’t know if it is conduct solely attached to the instrument
Or general good manners and consideration that I seek
But does it bother any other living being
That a phone should go beep at such an early hour
Without the presence of an emergency nor dire question?
Think people!
Oh please for my sleep deprived sanity

Debbie Gravett © 2017.06.02


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