Lift out the oars

They taught me to paddle hard
To get to where I want to be
There was never a thought
That I might let the water do the work
To go with the flow and let it be
Was to be lazy, unacceptably
Struggle with the oars
Fight against that which resists
Push the aqua and control it
Always take the driver’s seat
Push and pull and make it as you wish

Now with a few years of wisdom
I’ve tried a little bit of both
And though I need to take action
For that which I desire
It isn’t meant to be all hard
The river is running the way we need to go
Our action to put our boat in the water
To steer a rapid and a rock or two
Is more than enough done
The ease of synchronicity and flow
Mine when I choose to not fight nor resist

Debbie Gravett © 2017.04.29

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