Anchored To The Land

They snaked along the surface of the ground
Grasping just below dusty red-brown acidic soil
Fine and fragile unanchoring fibres
Of heritage, position and place in this world
Each headed in its own direction
Lacking any kind of strength or stability
From these strands an identity to make
A cross pollinated melting pot of ancestry
Not all of this place
But I born of this land, a part of this place
Chose to burrow deeper
Build a family and home of my own
Foundation penetrating dark depths of the globe
A central pillar of strength from which to feed
Nourishing growth and success to great heights
A singular root with offspring
So that we may all stand tall
Anchored in the bowels of blessed Mother Earth
Strong for the love of our land.

Debbie Gravett © 2017.04.27

via Daily Prompt: Roots


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