My Everything to me

Searched so hard for someone to care
To hold my hand and give comfort
To be the breath to their living
Their everything to my something
Impaled on the spike of love again
Only a something to my everything
An afterthought when all else is done
I laid me down as the mat to their feet
Tried too hard, too desperate
Gave more than I was given
But too blind to see I wasn’t a priority
Too needy to know I deserved more.

Eyes open and looking back
At the only one able to save me
To teach others how to love me
I the one to pull the spikes out
Fill the wounds with appreciation
Falling in love for the first time
With the most important person
To my existence in this life and on
Comfort to my mind, body and soul
The first priority on any list
I am my something to my everything
And my everything to me.

Debbie Gravett © 2017.04.22

via Daily Prompt: Spike

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