Written in the mind

The story wonders around inside my head
Building and growing an acceptable word count
Auditioning interesting characters for a part
In between the pages that will be its home
Virtual or actual yet to be decided
First the story must play itself out
Resolve the twists and turns of the plot
Create a world in which its people play
I dream the intimate details day and night
In the middle of conversations
While taking care of business or some other task
Just know that when I drift away from you
I mean not to be disrespectful or rude
But I am a writer whose work
Does not keep any civilized office hours
Nor wait for appropriate timing
When a pen or keyboard is at hand
More often than not it just barges in
Demands I take the dictation of these words
With threats of their disappearance should I not
So that is why you find me asking for a moment
To scribble down some notes of this new chapter
As the story writes itself in the corridors of my mind
Edits its lines and rewrites itself over and over
And when the thoughts pound upon paper
The direction changes once more

Debbie Gravett © 2017.04.17

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