Scarce Slumber

Just at the edge of my finger tips
Reaching to grasp a little clarity
Brushing past ever so gently
Fleeting flash through the mind
Eyes close trying in vain to hold on
To the dream that floated by last night
In a sleep only seven percent deep
Too much light and enough REM
Each important but I, lacking
In the refreshed wide awake feeling
When my body rises from the bed
From weeks of this same pattern
A cranky middle aged woman emerges

Debbie Gravett © 2017.04.16

via Daily Prompts: Cranky

6 thoughts on “Scarce Slumber

    1. It’s not insomnia per se. I sleep, but the quality is terrible. Got myself a watch so that I could monitor my sleep, because have been waking up tired for way too long. Now I understand that I have less than an hours deep sleep every night. Often under half an hour. Now to figure our how to fix this.

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