Breaking Boxes

Measure the circumference of one’s waist
Measure each and every word
Measure the value of possessions
Measure likeness to magazine covers
Release us from this societal acceptance box
That we are so obviously much larger than
Who made these checkboxes of approval?
Who set the standards which we have to meet?
Who tossed the failing ones aside?
Who decided what was failing and what was pass?
The last was us ourselves who did this thing
So desperate to be seen in the correct house
We’ve abandoned who we are and what we are
Twisted, turned and bent over backwards
To approach perceived perfection of this world
Climb out of the limiting prison of the carton
Find wings hidden by that confined square
Feel their expansive greatness that is yours
Though you may be solitary in this space
Spread potential into the unknown and fly
Be the amazing that you were meant
Leave the measurements behind

Debbie Gravett © 2017.04.15

via Daily Prompt: Measure

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