Happy to be your ordinary

You utter ordinary with a particular disdain
You have expectations of me to be the best
You require effort and passion for your quest
You hold no place for second
You care not of enjoyment nor fun
I try for the love of the game
I feel no disappointment to be less
I always give my utmost to it all
Not because you’ll be the one let down
But because I do feel love for this
My goal here is not to make you proud
My aim in being here is to find my own feet
Follow my path to know my purpose
All I ask is for support, not pressure
Live your life and let me live and discover mine
Guidance and advice is welcome
Demands and ultimatums unacceptable
You are my parent, my guardian
You cannot achieve your dreams through me
Let me be what you consider ordinary
For I know we are all special in our own way
And I am most happy to be that.

Debbie Gravett © 2017.03.26

via Daily Prompt” Ordinary

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