Dress warmly

The season of minimal clothing is fading fast
A chill breezes through the open door
Blankets adorn the lounge furniture
Talk of snow on distant mountains has begun
Cosmos is in full pink and white bloom
Golden autumn leaves soften the path
The sun is sleeping longer, setting earlier
Though ours is a mild winter in comparison
It is still shunned by many a sunny South African
Jackets and jerseys pulled from hiding places
With a wish that they won’t be needed for long.

Debbie Gravett © 2017.03.23

via Daily Prompt: Minimal

3 thoughts on “Dress warmly

  1. Hmmm don’t remind me that you are coming out of winter because that means we are coming in to it, although we are having a later summer at the moment so we might not get winter until christmas time this year.

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      1. I don’t like cold, and we don’t get cold enough for snow so that says something! I prefer mild to warm although if my wife told me she wanted us to move west and into the land of winters with 25 degrees and summers with 45 degrees I’d do it.

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