Hearing my intuition

I scribble the same doodle
Over and over again
My mind is not on task
Disturbed and disrupted
The reason not clear
More of a feeling in my gut
A turbulence of my insides
Is keeping focus at bay
An inkling that something
Is not quite right
I’ve attempted to ignore it
Suppress the pressure
Weighing on my chest
But still I draw my patterns
Unable to shake the feel
That has my shoulders bunching
Then it happens
The event that reminds me
Believe in my intuition
It is my lie detector
My other guardian angel
If I will listen to it
It will warn and keep me safe
It knows that which
Cannot be explained
But is most certainly true
My unspoken advisor
My ultimate guiding light
Now only to break the pattern
Of forgetting this fact

Debbie Gravett © 2017.03.13

via Daily Prompt: Pattern


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