Silencing doubt

Thunderous crack reverberates within my chest
No sound to be heard by any other
Sagging eyes and jutting lip the only visible sign
Doubt slithers from its resting place
Oozing to the fractured self
Pounding, pounding in its useless mantra
Ego joining in the pummel
Expanding crevices to the point of splitting open
All positivity, creativity and hopefulness drowned
Uncertainty takes iron fisted hold
Scepticism pumping toxic sludge up to the mind
Value, worth and purpose poisoned near to demise
Rejection the destructive source of this decline.

Whispered words from a wise soul bring hope
Only a fool shall have confidence beyond approach
Smart are those that question their ability
For in there lies possibility
Flood your crevices with silent, positive conviction
That you are the very best
Silencing, silencing doubt and ego in suffocation
Sent back to their resting place
To trouble you no more
Your greatness kept deep within your healing chest
Focused on this as the reality
Continue on with your endeavours
Waiting for the inevitable good to come.

Debbie Gravett © 2017.02.16

via Daily Prompt: Sound

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