Sometimes Silence


This morning my mind was invaded by this: “Words can only do harm.”


I wasn’t thinking of anyone who’d hurt my feelings with what they’d said and I hadn’t heard this song in eons. In fact, I was sending love across the energywaves to friends who are going to say their final goodbye to a loved one today. So there I was singing the song, wondering where these words came from. I was also a bit miffed by these words – anyone see the irony? I’m a poet and writer, what am I supposed to do without words? Start painting? Is there a market for very, um… unique abstract art?

I think these words come as a message from the Universe and being a scribbler I don’t believe that they are always meant for me. I’m here to share in the hope that the words gifted to me will help others, even if it’s just one. Here are my hopefully helpful words for today.

Have a fantastic day and please drop me a message and tell me what you think about these random thoughts that pop in.

Rubbing my gold-flecked tigers eye
I wait for the words to come
To whom can I be of help today?
Balm for aching hearts and bodies
Calming peace for the anxious minds
Water for raging infernos of negativity
Air for the embers of life-purpose passions
Earth for grounding and a touch of reality
Fire for releasing that which no longer serves
Love for all to feel and know their worth
And sometimes silence and a listening ear.

Debbie Gravett © 2017.01.20

4 thoughts on “Sometimes Silence

  1. You know, it happens to me often that when I’m in a difficult situation I hear a song (mostly on the radio) with words which hit me so much that I get the feeling that those words are a message to me. It’s a very strong feeling then, like somebody wantend to tell me something. And the thing is that they are often an answer to my question😀

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