The Want of Better

On winged prayer I release my manifestation
To float into the ether of the Universe
No more to ponder or to wonder the outcome
Instead to have faith that I shall receive
All that I need to live and flourish
And perhaps some of those things I want.

Is it mistaken, greed or sinful
To want some of the finer things in life?
I think not, because I do not believe
That anybody should live in poverty
Nor should we settle for just enough
We are worthy of so much more.

Stop! I hear you say, my ego is at work with this
I should not speak of such things
But be grateful that I have what I do and move on
My thankfulness is abundant and vocal
And yet I will respectfully disagree
That this is all that I should settle for.

For if man settled for things long ago
Many of our modern day conveniences
Would never have come to be
In perseverance of better things we go forward
And often times backwards too, I have to agree
Still we must try and in better have some belief.

Debbie Gravett © 2017.01.09

via Daily Prompt: Float

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