Happy Day

There was quiet throughout the house
As children pretended to sleep
The first little bit of calm in over a week
We knew this would be short lived
For tomorrow would bring
Shouts of wonder, shrieks of joy
Frenzied chaotic order for the day
Early morning wake up bounce
Love, laughter and happiness
We are the blessed with little ones
To remind us of the fun and games
From our merry family to you all
May you all have something to smile about
And let peace and quiet fly by the way
Sending loving wishes for a
Fun-filled kids kind of day.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.12.25

via Daily Prompt: Calm

To all my followers,

Whether today is a celebration day of yours or not, I wish you a wonderful day filled with love. For those struggling I send you love from my heart that your load may be lightened and that you may find something to smile about. May the angels shine a light for you today and always. Yes, I know that I might not know you personally, but love and compassion are not solely for those we are well acquainted with. We are free to send love and good will into the whole world all year long and hope that it makes a difference to someone, because this is the beauty of humanity. I don’t have to have met you to feel for you and wish you well. It’s what comes from the soul.

Thank you to all for the likes and the comments throughout the year. They are truly appreciated. To those who share their amazing talents, thank you for the lessons in our art of writing. You are an inspiration and I have learned much.

From my house to yours I send only the best wishes and hope that whatever your frame of mind you may find hope for a bright 2017 filled with more touching, picture-painting, soul-searing words.

In Love and Light

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