Missing at Christmas

I want to run to you,
But you’re not there.
I want to take comfort in your arms,
But you’re not there.
You’ve been gone for many years,
My heart knows this.
They say time heals,
But some days I feel the hurt
All over again, as if it was
Just the other day
That you left us.
We’re coming to your favourite
Time of year,
Though I’m surrounded by people
A loneliness creeps inside
When I know you won’t be there.
Even when I didn’t realize it
You always had my back.
Times like these
When I wish to flee from the world,
I knew that you would hide me,
Convince me that everything
Would get better,
Gently and lovingly
Sending me back
To continue living.
I know that you would want me
To do that now,
No matter how difficult it gets.
So I’ll see you at my Christmas table
And dedicate this celebration
To you and living life I still have.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.12.13

via Daily Prompt: Flee

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