More Than You See

Incantations, spells and wizardry unknown
Witches polished words on moonstone
Powers held only as those imaginary
Children’s characters from the library
Games of fantasy and make-believe
Unlike the gospel truth of Adam and Eve
But what, pray tell my friend shall you do
If I were with all honesty to tell you
That these mystical beings of fable
Could join us at our dining table
For they do exist as you and I
As many more things our brains defy
Be not rigid in your thought
Allow more possibilities than you’re taught
Know that there is more to this Universe
Holding many beings with which to converse
Angels, guides and spirits of all kind
Some visible of flesh and others undefined
To help, to answer and to navigate
Life’s difficulties to negotiate
Be not afraid to call on their assistance
To improve your mortal existence.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.12.11

via Daily Prompt: Mystical

8 thoughts on “More Than You See

  1. I never played, but something tells me this cod be a Dungeon & Dragons Delight. Fun piece, Debbie.


      1. Do any of them admit to it?
        Actually, I had a boss who proudly proclaimed having been a Dungeon Master

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I still play the occasional video game. No judgement. To each their own. No one in my life gets poetry, so there ya go.


      3. That’s why I love the WP community. Love talking to people like yourself who appreciate the words we slap together. I don’t judge, I just don’t join in that conversation as I don’t have a clue.


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