Bring your heart to disagree

The world holds many reasons for us to object
Religion, culture, action, choice and appearance
Unfair laws and practices, erroneous judgments
The world holds many reasons for us to protest
We are free to voice our difference of opinion
Oh but I doth protest, because this freedom itself
Is at risk of being legislated into oblivion
No longer allowed to highlight leader’s failures
Greed and power breeding more dissent
The world holds many reasons to revolt
Against those that govern and those that dictate
Against big business who hold much financial sway
Anger, disbelief, hopelessness and disappointment
Multiplying to action of recognizable intent
Dressed and acted out in violence and destruction
Fuelled by rage and lack of acknowledgement
No matter the subject of contention
Let love be thy guiding force in all you do
Like a fire let it radiate from the heart to all mankind
And wish that others may catch this burn
For this heat brings new perspective
Consideration and compassion for your fellow man
This be the forging of common ground
Peaceful disintegration of fight.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.12.08

via Daily Prompt: Protest

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