Do I follow my Purpose?

Do you ever ask yourself, “What’s the point?”
I’m asking now as I write these words.
Do they reach anyone, make a difference?
Silly season is upon us where we access
Our year in retrospect, give it a score –
A bad year, a good year, we decide
From our experiences, achievements
And the losses that we have had to endure.
The outcome usually determined
By our current state of mind and circumstance.
For the happy, forgotten the missteps
And sad times, reaped only lessons and fun,
Turned losses into memories of good times.
Constant questioning, judging and self-incrimination
By others make a martyr of their sanity.
In the practise of their creativity they continue to ask –
Should I write? Should I quit? What am I achieving?

Debbie Gravett © 2016.12.06

via Daily Prompt: Martyr

3 thoughts on “Do I follow my Purpose?

  1. Great poem! i love your style of writing, it runs smoothly! I definitely will be following:). And I think everyone always doubts them selves at one time or another, which can be quite destructive, but i always see it as a challenge to see how passionate we are about that thing we so easily want to give up on.
    Sophia 🙂

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