Life Out of Control

The thoughts in my head
Throw themselves at me
A million at a time and more
I tire at my task list
Lose sleep over all I have to do
Get distracted from one job
Leaving it incomplete
To do another half a chore
Nothing done by day’s end
Just more to add to tomorrow
Chaotic, disorganised and lost
The current story of my life.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.11.24

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

8 thoughts on “Life Out of Control

      1. I’ve been here since 2007. I went back last in May for a couple of weeks. Not sure when my next trip will be, as my dad is in a one-bedroom apartment so not much room, and my sister also doesn’t have much space, so would have to stay elsewhere, and it gets pricey. Will probably aim for 2018, that will make it two years. Would love to go back more though. Love Sandton City! I work for Dimension Data, they have a campus in Bryanston xx


      2. Good luck. I hope you can make it back soon. Space is at a premium these days and only getting worse. By mid 2018 Fourways Mall should be Fourways Precinct (Google if you want to see what it’s going to look like) – supposed to be huge. I’ve been to Sandton City fewer times than I can count on one hand. Used to work in IT industry in Sandton, but never shop.

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