Looking for Love

Your heart is wise
It knows the other when they come
You cannot know that it is light
If you do not know what darkness is
Darkness holds the learning of discernment
It is neither good nor bad nor evil in its being
As you are, so it just is
Synchronicity, flow and simplicity
Should be the nature of your bond
Not a chore to dread nor something to neglect
The gentle and safe place for you to retire to
When all of life is closing in and seems to be against you
Do not be disheartened if you have not found this one
Take a recess from your search, having fun with life
When you are not elsewhere looking for that special being
They may easily find you in your resting place
Deserving of the very best, accepting only that
Not with words like tolerate or renovate and change
Receive them as they are, standing there before you
Take time to figure out the faker from the bona fide
Love is meant for every one of us
Let it come to you.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.11.22


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