Forward Attitude

The audit has begun as the year begins to fade
Counting all the successes and the failures one by one
Rehashing all the good times and all of the other
This year being vastly different from the last
Not because it was particularly better than before
But this time I have decided to celebrate it all
I focus not on the things that went wrong
I pull the lessons from them and swiftly move along
Aiming my attention on everything I’ve done
Even this little lesson I have learnt
Gets pride and place on centre stage
Some time in the lime light to be praised
A wall is built with bricks and broken rocks
And let us not forget the smallest grains of sand
That with the flow of water work to bind
An otherwise unstable pile of rubble
And so it is with life, microscopic changes to an attitude
Can cause the body to stand confident and tall
Rather than to crumble at the sight of wind
What we set our sights on determines the direction
That we are heading in.


Debbie Gravett © 2016.10.16

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