Full Moon

Oh Mother Moon we have to talk.
When you shine your bright, full face
It does things to me that I feel
I absolutely cannot endure.
You pull on my emotions hard,
I get confused and disorientated,
I forget all the steps I’ve taken before,
All that I have learnt from this path.
I do not know how to pick myself up,
How to find my positive thoughts.
I am certain they have left my body
As I wallow in sadness and despair.
I see your beauty and magnificence,
But even that can’t make me smile
For it all seems so difficult
And the path now seems all uphill,
With challenges and rocks at every step
Wanting me to tumble and to fall.
Why is your effect so strong?
Temper please your disruption
Or let me comprehend the reason
That every time you’re nearing full
I seem to fall apart and find no pleasure
In anything life offers and focus
Only on the pain I find in it.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.10.22


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