I Beg of You

Send up a prayer to whomever is out there –
To the one that has your faith.
If the word prayer does not speak to you
Then I ask that you talk with your council –
The divine power of the Universe.
Send your request and do it now,
For the liquid of life to fall.
Do the dance and shake your sticks,
Get down on your knees or open your arms,
Sit in meditation or hold a ceremony.
Make the gesture that works for you,
Forward your plea with all intention
Of receiving that for which we ask.
Make clear your petition to above –
Ask not for only one drop but more,
Enough to heal the scars of the earth
To quench the thirst of the people.
Once you transmit your message
Remember to fulfil your role in this–
Waste not the little we currently have
And believe that it will rain.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.10.16

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