Love the World

She cowered in the corner, even the light bulb too bright
For her fragile and overwhelmed spirit to endure.
She stuck to the darkness, choosing to be a shadow,
No longer in observation but with eyes closed in denial.
For all the madness happening around her
Had robbed her of her optimism and any kind of hope.
She wished to slumber undisturbed while the world crumbled
And to awake to a nation ready to build and not destroy.
Once of the mind that she had to do something
Now beaten down, broken down, despondent and tired.
Those in power content to have more bystanders
To watch them pillage and plunder, enriching themselves.

A hand touched her shoulder, reaching out to lift her
From the quagmire of her depressed resignation.
She hesitated to accept the help it offered her,
For scepticism thrived, born of corruption and deceit.
With patience and persistence she eventually rose
And with encouragement grew hope and possibility.
Armed with these thoughts of positivity
She knew that she could now do something.
In unity she joined to conquer the sadness and doom
One action of kindness and education at a time.
For a nation loved and filled with knowledge
Will join together to build a world of peace.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.10.15

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