Do they like it?

I’ve pushed the button and released you to the world
I know not where you’ll go nor who will look upon you
You are my creation that I hesitantly chose to share
And now I sit, the sentinel of my computer screen
Losing time in the production of more creative art
While I watch, wait in anticipation of the reception
Will anyone like it, will anyone care to take a read?
I redundantly refresh the screen constantly
Knowing that if anyone should appreciate my work
The notification is automated to appear immediately
But nonetheless I continue to return to the little bell
Hoping and wishing for the orange dot to be revealed
As time passes and the mark of acceptance stays away
I wonder if this one will be the first to go unnoticed
Is this going to be the post that no one likes at all?
In my head I try to calculate the waking times
Of the countries that have been more prominent
In the audience that has been mine these few months
What I’ve learned from the watching and the waiting
Is though I write messages to share with others
The act of writing and the words are for myself
The pleasure of this for me to bask in and repeat
Receiving likes or not should make no difference
In my penning the words set free from my heart.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.10.15

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