Who will save me?

I bury down deeper,
Struggling against the requirements
Life has of me today.
In warmth and safety,
Without motivation,
Without inspiration
And without any purpose
To rise from my blanketed cocoon.
Sleep my temporary amnesic refuge
From trudging one foot in front the other.
Just ticking off the time of the passing days,
Until a miracle befalls me
And all my woes are taken away.
A champion in white to the rescue.

I rise to face this new day,
Don colourless, light armour of linen.
Unconsciously performing my rituals
At the bathroom vanity.
I look up into the eyes of my white-knight.
Mirrored in my reflection,
The one who’s meant to save me.
All the power and the magic,
All the knowledge and the wisdom
To take me forward and to rise
Is within the vessel of my body.
No noble person on white horse needed,
For I am to be my own hero.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.10.11


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