Why I became quiet

There wasn’t any shouting
There wasn’t any screaming
There were no raised voices
There were no voices at all
You were quiet and shut down
You didn’t say anything at all
I don’t know what your turmoil is
I do not know how to help
You shut me out, you closed the door
There might be an inner struggle
A fight within your soul
But when I showed concern
The reply I got was “nothing”
The tone saying anything but that
And since my enquiry
That’s exactly what I’ve gotten…
Nothing what.so.ever
I start to question myself
To travel down the path
Before this silence came to rule
Investigating each action that I took
Wondering what I could possibly have done
To rob you of your words
To rob myself of you
I have no answers to no noise
But anger starts to bubble and to boil
To replace what was care and interest
Rage brings fight and flight
Up front and centre to my thoughts
But with pain and disregard
I meet your silence with that of my own

Debbie Gravett © 2016.09.22


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