You found me.
You were the only one who bothered
To dig beneath the surface,
To look and really see.
You helped to uncover the real me
That I never knew was hiding
Deep down within me.
The others saw a mask
Of hurt and anger
Covering my wounds.
For them the task was too great
To try and get to know me,
To get past my defences.
I’d gotten lost in all this make-believe.
Pretence of who I should be.
Though I tried so hard to be perfect,
Resentment and pain shone through.
I am no more the mask I showed you,
Than they worth my performance.
You tenderly showed me
I was allowed to be me.
That spirit down in my soul
Was worthy of much more than this.
It is time for celebration
Of the magnificence I am.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.09.20


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