Garbage Gremlin

Hey you! You there in the car in front of me.
Stop! I have some stuff that belongs to you.
Your car looks so beautiful and clean,
But let me quickly change that for you
You stupid, bloody disgusting twat
I return the cold drink tin that you hurled
Out of your window while waiting at the robot
The same one that almost hit the baby in the pram
Oh sorry, you were too busy to notice
And here is the burger box that hit my front bumper
When you tossed it out your window at 60kmph
And last, but most certainly not least
Your still smoking cigarette
That the wind was blowing to that dry grass over there
The dry grass that would have gone up in flames
And endangered lives and homes nearby
I know you’re a very busy person
I can tell this by your eating habits
But I don’t actually give a damn, because unlike you
I have no desire to live on a rubbish heap
Nor lose my life or house to your ignorance
Maybe you don’t want to either,
Because maybe this isn’t your neighbourhood
Whatever your excuse is I don’t care
Just take your crap and find a bin for it
Or better yet, leave it in your car or home
And see how it feels to exist in filth
Or maybe you already do.
I mean I don’t even know you, but I do know
That you are a thoughtless moron
And no, you are not creating a job for someone else
By littering, because our government has already
Pocketed or spent the money meant for those salaries.

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