Love even the ‘bad’

I seek to hibernate in the depth of my soul
Where no one can hurt me, or judge me
Where no one can tell me of the pain
And suffering of this world
Where my sensitivity is protected from
Absorbing the fears and torment of others
Within my soul each human being is
Good and loving. There is caring and
Compassion, hope and prosperity for all
No one goes without food, water, a home
Or an abundance of love and acceptance
In my depth all is well. We are safe
And at peace. Life is beautiful and
Nature protected, cherished and enjoyed
But when I wake from the meditative
State of hiding in my soul
I require all the love I have within me
To hold out hope and not drown in despair
I send all my love to all in the world
The perceived good and the perceived bad
For if they know love
The can know how to show it to others
If they know compassion
They can be examples of it
And if they know sensitivity, they can feel it
And send their love in place of
Hate and anger through the world.

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