Fearless possibility

Fear is not a motivator, but rather
A cleverly disguised thief
It steals your time, your joy
And wonderful opportunities
It keeps your mind worrying
And distracts you from the now
With its loud words of doubt
And destruction.
Though you know that a deadline
Is looming straight ahead
And reprimand in your near future
For lack of action and lack of trying
Anxiety and angst no more helpful
To spur you along than the guilt
Weighing heavy on your heart
The more you look for the answer
To why you struggle to move forward
Why you are stagnant, lost and abandoned
The less you see any sense or logic
To this dilemma that you find
Yourself drowning in
Release it to the Universe
Give it wings and set it free
For life without dread, panic and terror
Is a possibility to do amazing things.

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