Rear view

I hesitate to ask a question of a stranger
I shy away from having to ask anything
For fear of asking a stupid question
For fear of appearing a fool
For fear for fear’s sake it would seem
I scare easily and struggle on
I have not yet jumped at my shadow
But it is not a total impossibility
I miss much fun and opportunity
For the fear to risk grips me tight
It rules with tremors and shakes
Red cheeks of embarrassment spring forth
At what to others are simple things
But here in my fear shrouded world
Nothing is simple and everything is doubted

For fear in the driver’s seat does not travel
With confidence, pleasure or success
It doesn’t stop for opportunity
And questions the validity of everything
It will drive you to loneliness and isolation
And convince you that you’re safer here
It’s time to bid fear adieu, confiscate its licence
Take the wheel and aim for a new destination

But how to steer and pick up the passengers I need?
I’d love to welcome confidence, pleasure and success
Along for the ride. To help me navigate and choose
The road to get me there, the one meant just for me
But what I’m finding out is that I’m already on that path
And even in my trip to rid myself of chauffeur driven fear
I’m learning strength and courage from the back seat
Which I’ll put to use further up the highway of my life
With fear and doubt distant memories in my rear view.

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