Save Myself

I listen to my body
I hear it groan in pain
But I continue to deny its plea
To surrender the chocolate
And dairy food of any kind
In order that it may
Shut the mucus sludge factory down
Wheat should be limited too
If my bloated stomach tells a thing
New pains call out their arrival
But old ones never seem to leave
Though my years are not advanced
My body disagrees
For eons of abuse are blatantly apparent
And not by the hands of another
Yours truly has inflicted this mismanagement
Its dawned on me so many times
That I need to change my detrimental ways
But just the sight of something yummy
Has me forgetting all of my afflictions
And grabbing for the fleeting pleasure
Tomorrow when I wake regretfully remembering
And full of worthless guilt and sorrow
The self-flagellation a useless act
For this amazing vessel
Can heal and mend itself
Nothing but a change of this behaviour
Will make my body heard and whole
How do I build a willpower to meet this end?
How do I find my way?
I need to learn to love again
For I know one thing is true
I do not hurt the ones I love
And that should be inclusive of myself.

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