I’m running and running, turning this way and that
My heart is pounding and my breathing is fast
I scratch my head, wondering what I might have forgotten
The rapid fire of my neurotransmitters sending signals of war
My body tensed at the ready to fight or flee
My command centre dizzy and disorientated
Pounding with the orders for the day
A whirlwind of rushing and chaos
A cup of coffee to add urgency to the staccato beat
Raise the pressure and alert all the nerves to stand at attention
I’m warring against the ticking of the clock
The checking of the task list and the dying of the light
Strained close to breaking, losing my mind
Just to do it over again and again
I’m a plain clothed civilian and not a military soldier
But this life that I’m living has me armed and at the ready
To fight, battle and struggle against it all
Just to last another day in the trenches of my blissful existence

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