Switched On

I heard a squeak and then another
I raised my head up from my pillow
And listened as more of these foreign sounds
Came in through my bedroom window
A symphony of music as each different chirp joined in
As if the birds knew their competition had been silenced
Some sounds came from far away carried by the quiet
I sat there still just listening
I recall this music from camping trips of my youth
Though their song continued on, my Eustachean tubes relaxed
The beating of my auditory drum peaceful and pleasant
No high pitched frequency nor constant assault straining
Moments, though all too brief of nothing at all
Time passed by and I did not miss it
For hours I just sat and listened, deafened to noise
Attuned to a new sound I did not recognize
I heard the rise and fall of my chest
Not accustomed to the soothing of its audible intake and release
Hours broken by the jumping of my canal fibers
Attention demanded by the light switch buzz


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