The ABCs of I

I affirm that this is who I am, even if it is not all as yet true

Accept and approve of myself
Believe in my abilities
Create masterpieces with words
Delight in other’s success
Exude confidence in all I do
Forgive myself and others
Give thanks for all I have
Hear the messages of the Universe
Inspire others
Journey to amazing places
Keep company with positive people
Love myself unconditionally
Make the most of each sunrise
Nourish my body with healthful fuel
Offer a helping hand
Perceive things in a positive light
Quiet my mind often
Respect myself
See the beauty in my surroundings
Take action on signs sent to me
Use the gifts that have been granted to me
Value myself
Welcome my challenges as lessons
X only that which is for my highest good
Yield to my intuition
Zoom around with much energy

And so I say it and so it is.


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