I believe in magic

They were dumbfounded and aghast
When I did confess that I do believe in magic
They did not understand how a grown human being
Of sound mind and reasonable intellect
Could have faith in something of childhood innocence
But I had to make it clear, I had to make it understood
Magic is not to be mistaken for illusionary games and such
To me it’s the beauty of the northern lights
The colours of the rainbow after a healing rain
And the automatic beating of our hearts
It’s the answer to a whispered wish, indeed a kind of prayer
And let us not forget the fairy folk and those unseen
For there is so much this world contains
That defies suitable definition or explanation
And these great glorious things that I have come to meet
In the recent journeys of my life
Are what I do consider to be magical
I do not doubt the possibility
Of being hexed nor blessed by spell
For words filled with intention
Will be heard by the unseen ones of this world
And magically manifested to this life
I believe in magic for a see it every day
And I wish a little of this wondrous magic
May come and bless your day


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